the foot massage capital of america

The next time you're in Southern California, and need some relief for your feet, head on down to Valley Boulevard in San Gabriel, where there's currently a competitive price war... for foot massages: Archrivals in foot massage. People are lining up, day and night, to get themselves a cheap one-hour foot massage:
About 20 foot-massage businesses can be found on this small stretch of Valley Boulevard between Del Mar Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard, and dozens more are popping up in neighboring communities. Square foot by square foot, it is the foot-massage capital of the country.

When the first foot-massage parlors opened, therapists charged $70 an hour. But competition has pushed the average price down to well under $20.

The price war has made foot massages available not just to the well-heeled who can afford the luxury, but to waiters, busboys, store clerks and hair stylists — the working-class version of the Burke Williams Spa for people who spend their days on their feet.
The foot massage capital of the country! And it sounds like a pretty damn good deal, with heavy competition driving the prices way down. Who knew there was such an amazing demand for foot massages?

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