kenneth eng sentenced to mental health treatment... then arrested again

Hey look! Everybody's favorite "Asian Supremacist" Kenneth Eng has been sentenced to a year of mental health treatment for his latest act of crazy: Asian supremacist sentenced to therapy. Back in May, good ol' Kenny was arrested for waving a hammer at a neighbor's face and threatening to kill her and her family... and her dog. He pleaded guilty in Queens County Court yesterday to attempted assault and harrassment. Is anyone really surprised? So the Dragon Master will be headed to a 12-month outpatient mental health program. Not sure what that really entails, but if he fails to comply with the program's requirements and fails to take his medication, or if he violates his neighbors' orders of protection, he can be resentenced up to 4 years in prison.

Here's the interesting thing... the article notes that after his sentencing yesterday, federal authorities produced an arrest warrant and took Eng into custody with new charges. He apparently arrived at home to find the feds waiting to bust him on a sealed complaint: ASIAN BIGOT BUSTED. So what are the new charges? What has Krazy-ass Kenny gotten himself into this time?

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