kung fu-powered chinese food delivery

At Comic-Con a few weeks back, New York-based Animation Collective and Fatkat Studios announced a new half-hour action-comedy animated series Three Delivery, about a group of teenage delivery kids/superheroes set in Chinatown. The 26-episode series will be produced in association with Nicktoons, YTV and the BBC, and will premiere in early 2008. Here's the story:
Years ago, an evil young apprentice named Kong Li unleashed the power of a magical cookbook, scattering its dangerous recipes throughout Chinatown. Thanks to an ancient spell, a force field was placed around the city, keeping the magic in. For many years, the rest of the world was protected, but now Kong Li has returned to find the powerful recipes. If he succeeds, evil power will be released and the world will be in danger.

Luckily, three teenage heroes, skilled in Kung Fu, have been trained to stop Kong Li. When orphans Sue, Sid, and Toby are recruited by Nana to make deliveries for Wu's Garden Chinese restaurant, they see it as a chance to move out of the orphanage and ride cool bikes. Little did they know that every evening they would be locked in a lightning-fast battle against evil for the fate of the world.

A modern day superhero tale packed with martial arts action, high speed bike races, paranormal mystery and kid-relatable comedy, "Three Delivery" is set in a Chinatown at twilight with rich hues and spectacular lighting that enhance the mystery. The action unfolds in extreme close-ups and dramatic angles as if ripped from the pages of a comic book.
While I'm always glad to see more Asians on television, animation or otherwise, why does it always have to be Asians who are also secretly trained in the mystical, magical martial arts? And dude, here, they're freaking Chinese food delivery kids! I hope they use their extaordinary kung fu skills to stop would-be muggers. These days, Chinese food delivery is a dangerous game. Anyway, here's a press release on the series: Animation Collective and Fatkat Studios Announce Co-Venture for "Three Delivery," New, Animated Take on Super Hero Series

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