lou and lou: safety patrol

Remember Schoolhouse Rock? Some of you might. Some of you might not. They were brief, entertaining educational segments that ran Saturday mornings on ABC along with your regular dose of cartoons and cereal, way back in the day. Well, educational interstitials still run today amidst all the cartoon programming out there: Short Stops: Animated Interstitials. Not being a heavy Disney watcher, I wasn't aware of Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol, a popular interstitial for Disney Playhouse, which features Asian American boy-and-girl twins who challenge their audience to spot potentially hazardous conditions during three-minute segments. They're just normal, regular (though super-safety conscious) Asian American kids. And now that I have visited Lou and Lou's website, I am all caught up on my safety knowledge. Still, I think I prefer the old G.I. Joe public service announcements. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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