the rebel goes to the weinsteins

Here's an article on Charlie Nguyen's super kickass film The Rebel which has been wowing audiences and drawing crowds at festivals worldwide: 'Rebel' with a cause. Starring Johnny Tri Nguyen and Dustin Nguyen, it's a period action flick set in 1922 Vietnam during a peasant uprising against French colonialists. Made for a measly $1.5 million, it's still apparently the biggest Vietnamese film ever made, and looks amazing. And don't worry, you will get a chance to see it... eventually. The Weinstein Company has picked up home video rights to The Rebel: TWC nabs Vietnamese actioner 'The Rebel'. This might mean it'll sit on the shelf for a couple of years, but let's hope for the best. The Weinsteins Dragon Dynasty label has been coming out with some pretty solid releases. If all goes well, you'll be putting it in your Netflix queue soon. For now, check out the trailer on The Rebel MySpace page.

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