roy pearson, you idiot

And it don't stop. DC's sad sack of a legal loser, Roy Pearson—the $54 million pants guy—filed a Notice of Appeal today signifying his intent to appeal Judge Bartnoff's verdict: Judge Who Filed Suit Plans to Appeal Defeat. Is anyone really surprised? No. But I think everyone was really hoping the Chungs would finally get some peace. They've done everything possible to put all this behind them and lay the matter to rest. Yesterday, they withdrew their demand that Pearson pay the $83,000 for their legal bills: Dry Cleaners Cut Plaintiff Some Slack. But Pearson, being the soon-to-be-fired idiot that he is, will not let this ridiculous lawsuit go. The fool. No matter! The Chungs will prevail, because this lawsuit has been a load of ass from the very beginning. An appeal is not going to change that. Just let the damn thing go, Roy. Let it go.

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