the science of racism

This is a load smelly nonsense. In the recent article "Down subjects and Oriental population share several specific attitudes and characteristics," published in the academic journal Medical Hypotheses, two Italian "doctors" offer their theory about the close similarities between Down sydrome and "oriental" people. What kind of crazy talk is this? This blog entry from The Guardian breaks it down: Evolutionary regression back to 1866. Among their genius reasons: "Down subjects adore having several dishes displayed on the table, and have a propensity for food which is rich in monosodium glutamate." Family style and MSG? That's their big argument? Hilarious. My favorite, though, is this one: "Down persons during waiting periods, when they get tired of standing up straight, crouch, squatting down, reminding us of the 'squatting' position ... They remain in this position for several minutes and only to rest themselves." The Asian squat? Compelling. This is the year 2007, isn't it? That's racist!

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