76-year-old man thrown out of hospital

A family in Brampton, Ontario has lodged a complaint with Peel Memorial Hospital, claiming their 76-year-old father, Jagir Singh Sandhu, was evicted from the hospital, then handcuffed and assaulted by two security officers: Hospital 'kicks out' senior. If you read the article, what happened doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sandhu, a cancer patient, was apparently at the hospital for several hours overnight awaiting test results, then suddenly told to leave. Just moments after his family had been called to pick him up, security personnel grabbed him and forcibly dragged him out of the hospital. They sent him home in cab, bloody and bruised. So what the hell happaned here? How did two security guards find it necessary to manhandle and assault a 76-year-old man? Details are still sketchy, but it sounds to like someone was waaaay too overzealous with their job...

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