auto body shop settles harrassment suit

Last week, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced that an auto body shop in San Jose will pay $45,000 to settle a sexual and racial harrassment lawsuit: San Jose auto body shop to pay $45,000 in harassment case. According to the suit against Monterey Collision Frame and Auto Body, a technician of Chinese and Italian ancestry was subjected to repeated racial and sexual harassment while he worked at the shop, "including mimicking martial arts movements and mockingly calling him 'Bruce Lee.'" More here: San Jose auto body shop owner says EEOC violated pact.

Man, what Asian guy in America can't relate to being called Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan or some other kind of martial arts nonsense (and not in a good way) during some point in their lives? And not just on the job, or at school, but while just walking down the street minding your own damn business. You know, some dude yelling "Bruce Leeeeeeee!" out of a passing car? Or some idiot making kung fu noises while you're waiting in line at Burger King? That's right, it happens. And it happens waaaay too often. That's racist!

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