ed jew gets the boot

This week, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom filed misconduct charges against Supervisor Ed Jew, automotically suspending him from his seat on the Board of Supervisors: Mayor suspends Ed Jew from board, opening doors to political fight. And when they suspended him, they really gave him the boot. According to the story:
Just hours after Jew was served with a seven-page outline of the charges as he worked in his Chinatown flower shop, his name had been scraped off his City Hall office door, the locks had been changed, his photo had been removed from the city's Web site, and his legislative aide had been escorted out of City Hall by sheriff's deputies.
Talk about thorough. Good riddance, I guess. The Mayor replaced him with Carmen Chu, a 29-year-old deputy director in his office of policy and finance, who is largely considered a political novice. This is just the latest of legal woes in the saga of Ed Jew, who is under investigation for trying to extort up to $80,000 in cash from Chinese immigrant business owners in his district. He has also been charged with federal mail fraud for allegedly shaking down tapioca-drink business owners who needed new city permits. And he also faces criminal charges for allegedly lying about his residence when he ran for supervisor. Your shady dealings are now catching up with you, Ed.

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