exiled/the host giveaway winners

Thank you to everyone who entered last week's Exiled giveaway, courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. Everyone who answered the question correctly was entered into a drawing to win an Exiled poster and DVD copy of the South Korean monster movie The Host. The question was: "Exiled is the pseudo-sequel to what 1999 Johnnie To film?" For your information, the correct answer is The Mission. And our winners are (along with their professed favorite gangster movie):

Brad S. of San Mateo, CA (Hard Boiled)
Van D. of Royersford, PA (Goodfellas)
Clara I. of Bellevue, WA (Infernal Affairs 2)
Allen C. of Edison, NJ (Infernal Affairs)
Eddy C. of Chicago, IL (Hard Boiled)

The rest of you, don't feel sad. It was a good effort. You can go buy/rent The Host on DVD, available in stores everywhere. And then go catch Johnnie To's Exiled, playing right now in select theaters nationwide.

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