korean singer to collaborate with outkast

It was recently announced that Korean singer Lim Jeong-hee will collaborate with hip hop duo Outkast for her U.S. album debut: Singer Lim Teams With Outkast. JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin-young (who was profiled in the Village Voice a few months back) is the mastermind behind the deal. Lim apparently spent time in New York last year to receive vocal training and tune up her English, so she's getting ready to attempt that elusive crack at U.S. audiences. Now, I don't really know much about popular Korean music, so I did some poking around YouTube and came across some videos of her performing. She's got some decent vocal chops, and sort of sounds a bit (okay, a lot) like a Korean Alicia Keys. I'm curious to see what how this Outkast collaboration will sound, if and when it eventually happens...

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