the making of finishing the game

All right, check out this great mini-documentary by Anson Ho on the making of Justin Lin's Finishing the Game. Basically, Justin and Co. let Anson have full access to film during production and beyond, as well as all the old footage from the BLT run, and the result is BUILDING A JOURNEY: FROM BETTER LUCK TOMORROW TO FINISHING THE GAME. It's about 20 minutes long, but totally worth watching, because it really does convey the story of making this film, and the driving sense of community behind it. View it here, split up into three parts (the player will automatically go the next segment):

Be sure to check out all the other FTG-related clips in the playlist too. Finishing the Game opens October 5th exclusively at the IFC Center in New York, and expands to other cities in the weeks after that, on a city-by-city basis. And in a really cool distribution move, aside from the traditional theatrical release, on October 5th the film will also be simultaneously available ON DEMAND in 42 million homes in the United States through every cable and satellite carrier. That means if Finishing the Game never makes it to your town (or you just can't wait), you can just order it to your television. How cool is that? It brings the film to your home, but also counts you as a viewer, like a ticketholder. To learn more about Finishing the Game, go here.

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