more idiotic comments on the view

Man, what is it with The View and people talking out of their asses? On her first day as co-host on the troubled daytime talk show, Whoopi Goldberg tried to rationalize the recent trouble over Michael Vick's dogfighting ring, explaining that dogfighting was "part of his cultural upbringing." Basically, she suggested that Vick might not have known that what he was doing was wrong or unusual, due to his "background" and Southern upbringing: Who Is the Latest Michael Vick Defender??. Greaaaaat. And then, to drive home this totally awesome point, she likened Vick and his relationship to dogs to Chinese people eating cats. "It's like the Chinese. They're a different relationship to cats. And you and I would be really pissed if someone ate kitty." Again, with the cat-eating jokes! On national television, no less. That's racist! There's a video clip of remarks over at TMZ.com.

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