a battle over america's soul

Eric Byler and Annabel Park continue crusading with their special brand of YouTube activism... they recently started posting an ongoing, real-time interactive documentary series about the politicization of the immigration issue in Northern Virginia, reflecting a cultural shift affecting the nation as a whole: www.youtube.com/9500Liberty

The videos got some good coverage last week on Daily Kos: New Video: "Stop Your Racism To Hispanics". And here: Amazing Video of "Help Save Manassas" Anti-"Illegal" Immigrant Group. Check it out, because some of the stuff is pretty stunning. Annabel says, "We've been on the ground in Northern Virginia and it really feels like a battle over America's soul. Our generation's cultural civil war." And I don't think she's being overly dramatic. The hope with these videos is to promote greater understanding and alleviate the hostility around the issue in Northern Virginia. Judging from some of the stuff I'm seeing here, there is a lot of work to do.

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