click, a novel by ten authors

I just listened to this interesting NPR piece on a new novel for young readers, Click (not to be confused with that terrible Adam Sandler movie), by ten different authors—including Ruth Ozeki and Linda Su Park—each writing a chapter: 'Click:' One Book, 10 Authors.
Newbery Medal winner Linda Sue Park starts the book with a girl called Maggie, who receives an unusual inheritance from her grandfather, a globe-trotting photojournalist known as Gee.

She receives a wooden box and inside she finds seven seashells, each from a different continent. This unusual gift sets off a story that winds around the world and across generations.
Normally, a novel written by ten different authors would sound like a recipe for bit literary mess. However, here, the result sounds pretty interesting. The link includes an excerpt from the first chapter by Linda Sue Park, and chapter eight by Ruth Ozeki.

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