man found guilty in hmong hunter's death

Last week in Wisconsin, 29-year-old James Nichols was found guilty in the murder of Hmong American hunter Cha Vang earlier this year: Wis. man guilty in Hmong man's death. The two apparently encountered each other in the woods while hunting for squirrels separately, when an altercation led to Vang's fatal stabbling. An all-white jury found Nichols guilty of second-degree intentional homicide instead of the first degree charge he originally faced, a decision that angered and disappointed Vang's relatives. It seems that this case has rekindled a lot of the racial tensions in the area between the white and Hmong communities, recalling the Chai Soua Vang shootings from three years back. Unfortunately, it seems this verdict probably won't do much to help alleviate the tension on either side...

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