moca's chinatown film project

Check out this really cool community/film project recently launched by the Museum of Chinese in the Americas in New York... The Chinatown Film Project is a three-part series presenting original short films from established and emerging filmmakers featuring New York's Chinatown and Chinatowns all over the globe. It'll be an inaugural exhibition for MoCA's awesome new space, and they're inviting cool people like you to get involved.

In Part I of the project, ten established and emerging NYC filmmakers will create short films about what Manhattan's Chinatown means to them, to be screened during a three-month exhibition beginning next March. Part III will be curated selection of ten internationally established filmmakers creating short films on the world's Chinatowns. But Part II, where you come in, is online. The general public, from all over the world, can upload videos of their own Chinatowns to a satellite MoCA website. Check out the MoCA YouTube channel here. For information and guidelines about submitting to the Chinatown Film Project, go here. And visit the project's blog site here.

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