the rally against h & m

Well, Chicago, it looks like you made a bit of ruckus... Here's news coverage of the protest at the H&M store this morning on behalf of Frannie Richards: Protestors Rally Against H&M Store. Last month, a H&M employee apparently verbally harrassed Frannie with racial slurs, calling her a "mail order bride" and making fun of her ability to speak English (she was born in the United States and speaks English perfectly). Today, more than 50 concerned citizens gathered outside the store to bring attention to the incident and send the message that this kind of discrimination and harrassment will not be tolerated. The Chicago Tribune also picked up on the protest: Protest at H & M backs claim of harassment. So far H&M hasn't commented on the incident, or any actions it plans to take. Here's an easy first step: fire that employee. Now.

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