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The Los Angeles Times has a story on the World Conference on Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, happening right now at UCLA: Activists demand that Japan make reparations to sex slaves. The goal is for Japan to issue an official apology and make reparations to the victims of Japan's wartime crimes. View the conference website here.

Last week at the University of Texas at Austin, three former members of suspended fraternity Lambda Phi Epsilon pleaded no contest to charges of hazing in connection to the death of Phanta "Jack" Phoummarath, who died of alcohol poisoning after a night of binge drinking at a fraternity-sponsored party back in 2005: Former frat members plead no contest

Indian Americans, who now number 2.4 million in the United States, are turning to American Jews as role models and partners in areas like establishing community centers, advocating on civil rights issues and lobbying Congress: In Jews, Indian-Americans See a Role Model in Activism

Here's a story on 15-year-old Cassandra Lee, 5-foot, 1-inch, and 110-pounds... and playing runningback for her high school's JV football team: YOU RUN, GIRL! Holy smokes! That's tackle football! More power to her. (Please be careful.)

Three women in Irvine, CA were arrested this week on suspicion of setting up a prostitution ring via Craigslist: 3 arrests in Irvine prostitution case. Kyung Ah Lee was charged with felony pimping and conspiracy to commit prostitution, and Su Jin Park and Hyun Jung Shin were charged with misdemeanor prostitution and keeping a house of prostitution. Busted!

This is pretty fascinating... For more than 10 years, the United States has used an unlikely freelance connection to communicate with North Korea: Robert Egan, a barbecue-joint owner, former small-time criminal, and erstwhile F.B.I. informant from New Jersey: The Axis of Hackensack: Meet Kim Jong-il's Best Friend in Jersey. More here: Our Man in Pyongyang

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