another dangerous "chinese" product

Oh come on. It continues. The media's unofficial campaign to scare the crap out of you regarding all things China... According to this Reuters article, 36,000 children's storage racks sold at Wal-Mart stores were recalled last week after a baby was suffocated by an overturned rack: Kids' storage racks recalled after death. An 8-month-old boy suffocated after he pulled on a storage rack and it fell over on him, with the top rail landing on his neck. The wooden storage rack was manufactured for Irving, Texas-based Jetmax International Ltd.

This is tragic, and should not have happened. It appears to me that the storage rack's instability is a major design flaw, and Jetmax should be held responsible for this senseless death. So why does this story deem it necessary to point out right away that the rack was "Chinese-made"? It makes no other reference to the Chinese manufacturer anywhere else in the article. Unless it's made clear that the recall is due to some kind of manufacturing flaw, there's no real reason to make this distinction. The implication, of course, is that the Chinese-ness of the product somehow made it dangerous. You see, we live in times where we have to blame all our troubles on China. Just another day in the U.S.A. That's not to say that factories in China don't have their share of problems. But let's lay blame where and when it's actually due.

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