censorship on new york times adoption blog

Heard about this over at Racialicious yesterday, and I'm with Carmen—it's outrageous: The New York Times censors adult adoptees on adoption blog. The New York Times started a new blog this month called Relative Choices, discussing "adoption and the American family." The blog generated quite a bit of criticism from folks who felt that contributors were insensitive to a lot of the issues and nuances surrounding transracial adoption. Carmen points out a few of the questionable posts here. What made things worse, however, was that the Times blog was apparently not approving comments from numerous people—many of them adult adoptees—who were critical of certain adoption practices. Shady. News about the censorship started hitting the blogs (it's being chronicled quite well here), creating a lot of negative attention for the New York Times. This is why I love the internet. Anyway, get an overview of this little controversy over at Racialicious.

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