chinese, "with eyes like this"

You've got to be kidding me: More Asian Racism ("Eyes like this") on Fox News. Yesterday on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, guest Rod Wheeler was on the show to talk about the ethnicity of an alleged rape suspect on the loose. The issue at hand was the police's description of the suspect as "Hispanic," as opposed to "dark skinned" or "light skinned."

Former homicide detective Wheeler, in defense of the police, says the the investigators had indeed narrowed down the suspect to a Hispanic male. "Not a Black male, not a Chinese male—with his eyes like this—but a Hispanic male." Yes, he pulled back his eyes. The international symbol for "chink," as we all know. An old police trick he learned on the playground, no doubt. Ah, Fox News. Teaching America racist gestures, one viewer at a time.

Was that really necessary, Mr. Wheeler? Is the American viewing public really incapable of understanding the term "Chinese" without the good ol' eye pull? Let's also note the fact that he muddles his own argument by referring to "Chinese" instead of "Asian" in regards to describing a suspect. But then again, maybe he just thinks all Asians are the same. I guess we're all Chinese, and we all have "eyes like this." Idiot. That's racist!

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