couple faces deportation after over 20 years

Several folks have written in informing me of the plight of Pedro and Salvacion Servano, Filipino immigrants who have been living in the United States for over twenty years, but now facing possible deportation for misstating their marital status during their visa application process more than two decades ago. Their mistake has now come back to haunt them, and they could be forced to move back to the Philippines: Couple Fight Deportation After 20+ Years.

This week, however, they were placed under an order of supervision that restricts their movements but allows them to stay in the country, at least temporarily: Filipino couple get temporary repriev.

It still sucks, but it's certainly an improvement in their situation, considering that last week the Servanos were under order to surrender at a federal prison to be processed for imminent expulsion. They've still got a lot of legal hoops to jump through. But after over twenty years in America, with four U.S.-born children and successful careers, this is home. Let's hope they get to stay.

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