"do you know mr. soo?"

Eric Byler and Annabel Park's ongoing interactive YouTube documentary series on the heated, divisive immigration debate in Northern Virginia has been getting quite a bit of attention, landing a front page story in the Washington Post over the weekend: Raw Look at Immigration Crucible. And here's some local news coverage of Eric and Annabel's documentary: Fox News 5, NBC 4, ABC 7. Their aim is defuse tensions and explore the complexity of the issue from all sides. Check out their efforts at www.youtube.com/9500Liberty. The clips are rough and raw, as they shoot, edit and upload the footage as fast as they can... The result is really fascinating. In an email, Eric writes, "This is a great example of how YouTube can do more than make celebrities out of pranksters and hysterical Britney fans. YouTube is the cutting edge in the democratization of media, and there by the creation of a more participatory democracy." I think he's on to something.

Here's one of the most recently posted videos, one of the first dealing with an Asian American perspective:

Go Annabel. See the rest of the videos and follow along with the series here.

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