fired dj gets a new job

Troi Torain, aka DJ Star, apparently has a new job: Hip-Hop D.J., Fired for Threats, Returns to Airwaves. If you recall, Torain was fired back in May 2006 after a broadcast in which he threatened the family of a rival DJ, made racially and sexually abusive remarks, and got himself arrested. He was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, with the on-air threats. The charges were eventually dropped, and Torain sued Councilman John C. Liu, who helped stir the public outcry over Torain's on-air threats. Whatever. I was happy to see the guy canned. But now...

This week, Mega Media Group announced the creation of a new station that will prominently feature Torain's show, the "Star & Buc Wild Show." Just what the radio waves need—another idiotic, racist shock jock cluttering the world with an endless supply of ignorance. We're all doomed. Regarding Torain, Councilman Liu released the following statement:
After spending a couple of nights in jail, serving community service, and spending the last 18 months out of work, Torain has hopefully learned a lesson. Today Torain stated that he would engage in socially responsive commentary. We hope he is sincere about that, and that he will use the power of broadcast responsibility and not exhibit recidivist behavior by explicitly fantasizing on-air about little girls.

We hope that the new company hiring Torain will not degrade to Clear Channel Communication's mediocrity in usurping public airwaves and jacking up corporate profit margins at the expense of community well-being. This issue is far larger than Torain. He's only been a pawn for the giant media conglomerates that dominate our public airwaves. Clear Channel sought to hire Torain – in fact, offered him an obscene $17 million – to spew outrageous and hateful content just to pump up ratings and profits. We will hold Torain's new puppet masters accountable, as we will continue to hold Clear Channel responsible for endangering children last year with Torain's disgusting rants.
Meanwhile, Torain promises to deliver the "great entertainment that my listeners have come to expect from me, while also offering responsible social commentary." That's hilarious. Like I said, we're all doomed.

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