fresh off the box is looking for fresh talent

Fresh Off the Box, the recently-launched Asian American online talk show, is currently looking for a new host. Maybe it's you. Here are the details:
Fresh Off the Box, an Asian American online talk show, is looking for new talent. We are looking for people with an engaging personality and mad people skills to do on-camera interviews. You should also be willing to operate camera for other interviews. Right now this is a no-budget operation, so we're looking for committed people to help make us grow. We are also looking for an online marketing person to set up and manage MySpace and Facebook profiles. Fresh Off the Box is based in Los Angeles. Check us out at www.freshoffthebox.com!

If you are interested, please contact Bobby at bokinaka@uclalumni.net with a current photo or a link to online pics.
The show is a pretty modest effort (so far), but they're trying to do something interesting, highlighting various personalities and work being done in the Asian American community. Most recently, they interviewed musician miwaLyric. If you're interested in getting involved, contact Bobby at bokinaka@uclalumni.net.

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