george takei in star trek: new voyages

Excuse me for a moment while I venture into extreme geek territory... Star Trek: New Voyages is an all-out, fan-produced, fan-financed web series based on the original 1960s television series. You know, with Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest. This series basically just picks up where the old one left off, with all the old characters intact... including Sulu. For an unofficial fan series, it's pretty elaborate, with some very authentic-looking costumes, makeup, sets and effects. You gotta really love Trek to be part of something like this. I mention it here because the most recent episode, "World Enough and Time," guest stars none other than George Takei. The man himself, reprising the role that made him famous. The story involves an aged, forty-years-older Sulu. Apparently, he was completely cool with getting involved. Watch the episode here. Warning: it's extremely cheesy. But then again, so was the old Star Trek.

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