just another asian american psycho

Some disturbing news out of Delaware... This week, 23-year-old Daniel Yoon, a self-described "diabolical killer," stabbed two female co-workers inside a Houlihan's restaurant. Authorities charged him with attempted murder, assault and possession of a deadly weapon after he critically stabbed one waitress and injured another during an attack that was apparently sparked because he was "sick of being rejected": Houlihan's Employee Charged In Stabbing Rampage

As police led him handcuffed to a cruiser Monday night, Yoon said he was proud of what he allegedly did and smiled at cameras: "I'm proud of what I did. I'm a (expletive) diabolical killer." Psycho. Dude, no one calls himself a "diabolical killer." That's just stupid. Police said Yoon was upset that the 19-year-old waitress rejected his romantic advances. Something tells me rejecting him was still the smart thing to do. Unfortunately, what folks will be seeing on the local news is another unstable Asian guy who snapped and went on a violent rampage. Great.

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