kae is not the biggest loser

Awwww man. So, I've been watching The Biggest Loser. Don't laugh. I find it an oddly compelling, inspiring show. This season, I've been rooting for our girl Kae, a former Private in the US Army, hailing from Clark, NJ. This girl kicking some serious ass, working hard and consistently shedding pounds. She was easily one of the strongest, most disciplined contestants within the group. And all her fellow competitors knew it. Unfortunately, tonight, she slipped into the bottom two with the lowest percentage of weight loss, and was voted off. Her competitors clearly saw it as an opportunity to remove the biggest threat from the game. It's too bad—she could've gone all the way. They did, however, show how much progress she's made up to now with a live weigh-in, and it's amazing. She's lost 88 lbs, and looks pretty stunning. Daaaaaang. Much props to you, Kae. Oh, check her out on her MySpace profile.

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