kung fu open casting call

I've already mentioned the big screen remake of the old TV series Kung Fu now in the works. As everyone now knows, the show starred white man David Carradine in the role originally created by and meant for Bruce Lee. Some of us haven't let that one go.

What I've been wondering since this remake talk began, is who will Caine? Caine is a half-Chinese Shaolin Monk who roams America's western frontier in search of his father, using his martial arts skillz along the way. For me though, the role has always been so closely associated with David Carradine, it would blow my mind if they actually cast someone who is part or full Asian. Then what would I do?

Well, apparently they're searching high and low for the next Caine, according to this Kung Fu Open Call. They're looking in Honolulu, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Singapore and Hong Kong:
You could be the new Caine! What a strange thought. I do find it funny that it denotes that "Candidates clearly not right for the role will be excused early." I wonder what that means. There has already been a casting call circulating out there for a few months... It makes wonder if they had trouble finding the right guy to play Caine, so now they're just searching globally for an unknown. Personally, I'm still committed to the idea that this will suck. The question remains: who will play Caine? We shall know soon, I guess. (Thanks, Phil)

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