lisa wong is the new mayor of fitchburg

This week in Fitchburg, Massachussetts, an Asian American mayoral candidate clobbered her more experienced opponent with 75 percent of the vote. Lisa Wong defeated a four-term city councilor to become the first minority mayor in Fitchburg's 243-year history: Wong romps for mayor in Fitchburg. Not bad for a 28-year-old political newcomer. Sounds like Fitchburg was overdue for a minority mayor. Wong's opponent, Thomas Donnelly, had called her "an interloper," and said the city needed "experience at the helm" to restore financial stability. Sorry, sucka. The people of Fitchburg have spoken. Here's Lisa Wong's website, which is rather poorly designed. And here's a Fitchburg blog from last May with a funny headline: Shocking news! Lisa Wong is Asian!

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