l.s. kim writes for ms.

I received this press release last week informing me that my friend and former professor/mentor L.S. Kim, assistant professor of film and digital media at UC Santa Cruz, has a feature story in the 35th anniversary issue of Ms. magazine: UCSC media expert contributes feature to 35th anniversary issue of Ms. magazine. Her article traces the impact feminists have had on mainstream media over the past three and a half decades. Awesome. Here's an excerpt from her article over on AlterNet: Do We Still Need Feminist Media? Go Professor Kim! I feel I owe her a lot. Many years ago, I sat in her "Asian Americans in the Media" class as an impressionable young soul, eager to learn and gain a little perspective on how my people were being represented in film and television. You can probably thank her for planting a few of the seeds of anger that eventually gave birth to this website. Man, all things considered, her class changed my life.

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