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Watada court-martial now less likely: The chances of a second court martial for 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, the Army officer who refused to deploy to Iraq because he believes the war there is illegal, became far less likely last week. A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against a second-court martial.

The basement diaries: A construction worker clearing out a house in Fife, WA recently found a World War II-era satchel containing letters, documents, notebooks and diaries belonging to the Fujita family, providing a rare look at life inside Japanese American internment camps.

New church thrills area Vietnamese Catholic community: After years of sharing space with various host churches, the members of the St. Philip Phan Van Minh Catholic Church, a Vietnamese Catholic community in Orlando, finally have their own house of worship.

Tracing My Roots Back to Korea: An adoptee writes about her emotional, life-changing journey back to South Korea to find her birth family, twenty years after her adoption.

Paula Kamen investigates friend's suicide in 'Finding Iris Chang': Here's a book review from the San Francisco Chronicle on Finding Iris Chang, Paula Kamen's investigative biography on the life and death of friend/rival Iris Chang. It sounds like a book I'd like to check out... but reviews have been really mixed.

Confessions of a CEO: Being 'ruthlessly aggressive' took this guy to the top of the corporate world... and nearly ruined his life. A warning to potential corporate climbers. Don't become this guy.

Slain man was a top crime boss: There's apparently been some kind of Asian gang war going on in Vancouver, with a recent rash targeted shootings over the last few weeks. The police department has started to set up their own Gang Violence Task Force to confront the violence: Names of shooting victims released, as VPD sets up Gang Violence Task Force

From Streets of China to Family Life in Queens: Part of the Neediest Cases Fund, here's the story of one family's struggle to stay together and survive, eking out a "Dickensian existence" in China, separated by the Cultural Revolution, but eventually finding their way to New York City.. to face cancer.

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