"no justice! no noodles!"

Forget the writers' strike. Jennifer 8. Lee blogs about another labor dispute happening in New York, where a group of Chinese restaurant workers called for a boycott of Ollie's Noodle Shop and Grill today. The claim that the president of the restaurant chain was leading a retaliation and blacklisting effort against restaurant workers across the city who were organizing. The workers' rallying chant: "No Justice! No Noodles!" In recent months, a number of workers have protested or filed lawsuits against several popular Asian restaurant groups, including Ollie's, Saigon Grill, Flor de Mayo and Republic, saying that the restaurants' owners have resorted to mass firing, discriminatory hiring processes and demotions, particularly against Fujianese workers who are at the heart of the organizing efforts. For more information about the organizing efforts, visit Justice Will Be Served!

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