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The Manicurists' Heroine: By taking her former employers to court, Susan Kim became the unlikely whistle-blower of New York's nail salon industry and catalyzed a movement for salon-workers' rights. She sued her boss for overtime pay and wrongful termination... and won, setting off a chain reaction of manicurists alleging health problems and wrongful terminations in the city's nail salons.

YEAR OF THE PIG: Here's a GQ feature on "culinary genius" David Chang, whose Momofuku restaurants have been making huge waves in the restaurant-obsessed city of New York. Three years ago, he was an obscure cook with a failing Manhattan noodle bar. Now he's being hailed as one of the most innovative and exciting chefs in America.

Korean-American Nominated US Assistant Attorney General: Grace Chung Becker was nominated to be assistant attorney general for the U.S. Department of Justice's civil rights division. She was previously deputy assistant for the division, which has been accused by civil rights groups of abandoning civil rights enforcement during the Bush administration.

Ang Lee: A Chicken Coop, but No Tigers: The New York Times has a profile on acclaimed director Ang Lee, who leads a very low-key non-Hollywood lifestyle. It's interesting to know that a guy who makes some the bravest, most intelligent kick-ass films also lives the life of your typical suburban dad.

Pinoy's painting stirs up Chicago community: A painting by Filipino American artist Fred DeAsis is causing quite a bit of controversy in the community of Arlington Heights, IL. Protestors apparently want to shut down exhibition of the painting, entitled "Innocence," because of its depiction of a wounded, naked figure. Honestly, I think it's a really powerful piece.

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