rambo vs. the evil asians

Seen the latest trailer for Rambo? Oh yes, my friends, he's back. And he's going to kill lots and lots of evil Asians. It's like Rambo II all over again. This time, the action takes place in the savage jungles of Burma. And that's all you really need to know. Rambo kills people. There's your movie. I've written a bit about this before when casting information came out, and the first bit of footage leaked on the internet. This latest trailer is pretty much the same footage, only not quite as violent. Lots of bad Asians doing bad things to good people, and Rambo, the one many army, must sweep in to kill every last bad Asian in the jungle. It's pretty ridiculous. You really just have to see the trailer for yourself.

I should add that Tim Kang is listed in the cast as En-Joo, the "barrel-chested former South Korean trooper" who's part of Rambo's mercenary team. One of the good guys, I guess. He's nowhere to be seen in the trailer, but you may recognize Tim's face from various Cingular, Shell and Home Depot ads that have been running recently. He's a good actor who's delivered fine work in the few things I've seen him in (including this funny YouTube short: Anonymous Korean Assasssin). It's just too bad he doesn't have more to do here... Rambo opens in theaters everywhere on January 25th.

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