the search for chinatown's underground tunnels

It's the quest for the secret tunnels of Chinatown. Here's another interesting story on what used to be Fresno's old Chinatown, where an extensive network of underground tunnels is believed to have existed as a passageway to the community's illicit activities: An urban legend has resurfaced.

We mentioned this last month. Back in August, a team of archaeologists discovered a crawlspace in an abandoned Chinatown basement—perhaps evidence of the tunnel legend?

Since the team reported its find, interest in the "underground Chinatown" has apparently exploded. The city is now using ground-penetrating radar in the adjacent streets, trying to find underground connections between basements with walled-off passageways.

Of course, no one has really found anything substantial, so it's still all just a very interesting urban legend, supported by the recollection of a handful of old timers. Hey, this could actually make a really fun movie. And it could star Nicolas Cage, searching for treasure or something.

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