some plot details for fast and the furious 4

Some plot details have emerged, based on sides, regarding the upcoming fourth installment of The Fast and the Furious. The movie will be the return of the original stars, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, back to the franchise, with director Justin Lin back at the helm. According to Moviehole:
Times have definitely changed since the first film... and the script refects this; right down to just how much illegal street racing has changed since Dominic (Diesel) burned rubber in the original.

This time, he's in Mexico, where he's racing 'for' a guy named Braga. From the sounds of it, Brian (Paul Walker) has chased him down there, and may have even set up this 'Braga' deal (possibly as part of a deal for Dom - 'you help us catch this guy, you get a leaner sentence'); not that Dom's going to play nicely, naturally.

Dom's still as cheeky as ever... and as charming (About half-way through the script, Dom's getting ready for a big race - Brian on the side - and has to give a thumb-print on a scanning pad before getting into the car. One of the female organizers, a hottie named Gisele, even asks for his number before he starts up the engine. So lots of 'Vin is soooo charming' gags in here.)

This 'Gisele' character pops up frequently... She works for the bad guys, it seems.

The story looks like it has something to do with Dom - and Brian, no doubt undercover - helping a seedy crowd transport some goods (it doesn't say what it's in the goods - not what I read anyway - just that they were in 'large polymer cases') to an undisclosed location (everyone's car has been fitted with a GPS that'll guide them to the drop-off point). As soon as they leave their location, to evade the authorities, all the drivers have to put 'metallic car covers' over their rides so that choppers can't pick up their heat signals. The choppers zoom over head, but they can't seen anything but darkness. As soon as the choppers disappear, they're off and racing!

Other new characters, besides Gisele, in the film include a rogue named Fenix (who Dom doesn't seem to fond of) and a smart-ass named Dwight, who taunts Brian a bit.
Okay, sure. Frankly, who really cares about the plot? The franchise has always essentially been an excuse to showcase a bunch of really badass car chase scenes. This sounds like it'll be more of the same. Not to put any pressure on you, Justin, but I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of positive Asian American elements you can slip into the movie. Having gotten to know Justin over the last few years, and seeing how he works as a director, I'm interested in seeing what he does this time around.

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