stupid remarks by lew wolff

Stupid, questionable comments made by Lew Wolff, owner of the Oakland Athletics, last week at the Commonwealth Club... particularly on the topic of bringing more Asian-born baseball players to the Bay Area market:
On bringing more Asian-born players to the Bay Area market:

"First of all, Asian players, probably if you asked them -- and could understand them -- they would like to stay on the West Coast," he said. "But the money that's being spent by the Yankees and Boston, they're having to make the extra five-hour flight."
"Understand" them? Was that crack really necessary? It's completely irrelevant to the point he's trying to make. Funny, you have to wonder if he'd make such a stupid remark regarding the large number of players in the Major League from Spanish-speaking countries. Or does being from Asia make you extra difficult to understand?

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