what I've been listening to: the slants

I first mentioned The Slants last month. I've since then had the chance to listen to their album, Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts, and let me tell you, kids, it kicks some serious ass.

They're a band out of Portland, Oregon boasting their very own unique brand of "Chinatown Dance Rock," guaranteed to rock your face. They've got this throbbing synth-pop/dance-rock sound with a badass Asian twist. Their vibe recalls bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Joy Division (all that stuff it was fashionable for Asians to listen to back in the day—at least, in my youth), and more recently, The Killers.

The Slants' lyrics also don't shy away from controversial themes, grappling with issues of intolerance, racism, prejudice and ethnic pride in between the riffs and beats. This band knows what it's doing.

To learn more about The Slants, visit the website and their MySpace profile. The album is available at all the usual online outlets, like Amazon and iTunes. The perfect gift for the Angry Asians in your life this Christmas.

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