will yun lee is one of people's "sexiest men alive"

Some serious, important news. Actor Will Yun Lee, star of the NBC series Bionic Woman has been named on People's annual list of "The Sexiest Men Alive." I concur. Hell yes. The guy is sexy. You know, he's one of the few dudes who can pull off the ponytail thing. And dammit, I'll say it—I'm really glad an Asian guy made the list, as frivolous as the distinction might be. (He also made it on to People's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" list in 2002.)

Have you been watching Bionic Woman? I caught the first couple of episodes, and while I thought it was a well-produced show, it just didn't hold my attention. However, Will definitely has one of the more interesting roles as specialized operations leader Jae Kim. I also really dug his hitman character from the short-lived FX drama Thief. Best of all, he hasn't had to rock an Asian an accent in either role.

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