woman "forgives" her racist attackers

In London, Ontario, a woman was recently the victim of a racially-charged attack by a mob of Grade 8 boys. The woman was reportedly head-butted, slapped and mocked for her Chinese accent, while at least one of her tormentors recorded it on a cellphone video camera.

The harassment had apparently been going on for quite a while, with the same group intercepting her and taunting her with "mock Chinese." That's racist! Amazingly, the woman has chosen to forgive her attackers, attributing their actions to the "mistakes" of youth: Woman 'forgives' school attackers. She doesn't want to be identified and won't file a police complaint. I don't even know what to say. That's a powerful reaction.

The woman is certainly entitled to her convictions, and she doesn't have to hold a grudge... but dammit, make these kids own up to their actions! There is a way to forgive and still have some semblance of justice. By keeping quiet, it just sends the message that this kind of bullying and harassment is consequence-free. You know why people engage in racist behavior like this? Because they think they can get away with it. And that needs to change.

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