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A weird little bit of literary news... The number eight selling book at Amazon right now is an odd self-published book, The Birds in My Life, by "The Supreme Master Ching Hai." Last week it was hovering around the number one spot. How did it sell so well? Is the book any good? This is a Publishers Weekly emailing, which suspects something fishy is going on:
Amazon, Gone to the Birds
Meanwhile, it appears that it's still quite possible to manufacture a No 1. Amazon bestseller. Supreme Master Ching Hai's self-published THE BIRDS IN MY LIFE, said to have been published on June 1, is back at the top position on Amazon's list even though it's now "not in stock" (previously it was listed as available for delivery in one to four weeks). The title first hit the top of Amazon's list at the beginning of this week.

With 77 posted reviews, only one dares to give the book anything but glowing comments and five stars. The rebellious P. Good "TheDr" said, "I browsed this book in a store and I found it silly and vapid. Why is this book getting so many 5-star reviews from people who have never reviewed a book before? The only thing that Ching Hai is a master of is creating fake reviews."

But followers of the Master reply that the book is not available in stores in the US. "Mr. Good, when I write here, my tears suddenly comes out. It's not because Supreme Master Ching Hai is a very good & very famous master who has won many awards like the World Peace Award, etc. It's because no word can describe how loving & compassionate she is, you can really feel that, she is really the light of all of us. I'm sure you can feel my heart and trust my sincere words."

At least one major chain we contacted is ordering the book, but so far it does appear to be an Amazon-only product. Today is the big expansion of Supreme Master Television, a "free-to-air station of 24-hour uplifting news and inspirational programs," to 10 new satellite platforms.
It would appear that the Supreme Master Ching Hai has many many followers. The 100+ gushing Amazon customer "reviews" are downright hilarious. I think someone is stuffing the ballot fox. Except for this review, which breaks rank and gets kind of nasty:
The "Supreme Master Ching Hai"?

Oh, do PLEASE get over yourself! What? Just plain "Chang Hai" not good enough for you?

I think I'm going to write a book about my entomological experiences, titled

"The Cockroaches of My Life," by Grandmaster Supergroovalisticoprosifunkstication Sweet Daddy Jones."

Kinda makes "Supreme Master Chang Hai" seem a little ordinary, by comparison.
Moral of the story: if you want a best-selling book on Amazon.com, add the title "Supreme Master" to your name. In fact, start thinking up lots and lots of fake names for your customer reviews. It is the way of the Supreme Master. (Thanks, Jamie)

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