aaa fund's "ask a staffer"

The Asian American Action Fund is a Democratic political action committee whose goal is to increase the voice of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on every level of local, state and federal government in America. To achieve this goal, they try to address the chronic under-representation of APAs as campaign volunteers, contributors and candidates for political office.

The organization's blog team has started a new and ongoing interview series called "Ask a Staffer" with Democratic campaign staff, in order for more APAs to get informed, and get active in the political process. Their first interview is with none other than S. R. Sidarth, more famously known as "macaca" after Senator George Allen referred to him as such at a political rally last year. He's currently on the Richardson for President campaign, and offers his "on the ground" perspective: Ask A Staffer: S. R. Sidarth

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