accused murder fakes asian accent on the stand

This is downright bizarre... Yesterday in New York, accused triple-murderer Stephen "Sakai" made a crazy spectacle of himself in court as he testified in his own defense affecting a fake Asian accent and claiming to have flown to the "Far East" on a private jet for martial arts competitions: ACCUSED TRIPLE MURDERER DONS ASIAN ACCENT DURING TESTIMONY. Born Stephen Sanders, the 32-year-old former bar bouncer apparently wore a Charlie Chan-style mustache, and denied any role in the three killings, while consistently mispronouncing his I's as R's ("Frist name Stephen, rast name, Sakai"). Whaaaat the hell is this freak doing? Under cross-examination, he claimed he'd been flown to Cambodia and Vietnam on a private jet by an Asian businessman interested in martial arts, beginning at the age of 5. People present court had to be laughing, right? The guy sounds like one weird, homicidal mess of Asiaphilia.

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