asians on cold case tonight

David Huynh informs me that he'll be appearing on tonight's episode of CBS' Cold Case. If you aren't familiar with the show, it's about a Philadelphia homicide detective assigned to cases that have never been solved. This week's episode focuses on the 1945 murder of a Japanese American family man who was persecuted in his neighborhood following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Here's the brief synopsis from the website:
Sunday, December 9, 9pm et/pt
Family 8108

While investigating whether a man's internment at a camp for Japanese-Americans in California during World War II had any bearing on his 1945 murder shortly after his release, Lilly also attempts to get Stillman to withdraw his retirement papers. TV14-DL
Okay, so that doesn't tell you much. But it sounds kind of like the Cold Case version of the "Chinatown" episode, where a bunch of Asian American actors get a chance to work for a week. Except here instead of gangsters, it's World War II-era Japanese Americans. Interesting. In addition to David, who's a solid actor, the episode guest stars Mia Korf, Kim Miyori, Ian Anthony Dale, Keone Young, and Ron Yuan. I'll be watching with my fingers crossed that this will be a halfway decent story.

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