dustin nguyen to direct monk on fire

You gotta hand it to my man Dustin Nguyen. While some of us will always remember him as our man Harry Ioki on the 80s cop show 21 Jump Street, the guy is having one of the best years of his career with turns as a former cop show actor (get it?) in Justin Lin's Finishing the Game and as the near-invincible badass villain in the Vietnamese action film The Rebel—both are great roles, with Dustin better than ever. So what's next? Twitch reports that at a recent screening of FTG, Dustin let slip that he's currently working on a directorial effort of his own, titled Monk on Fire. He describes it as "an Asian western with bikes instead of horses, swords instead of guns and super powered monks." He'll apparently be getting help from director Charlie Nguyen and people behind The Rebel. Are you kidding me? How could this not be good? Can't wait.

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