dutch couple dumps adopted korean girl

What the hell? How can people behave this way? A Dutch couple has sparked outrage by giving up a seven-year-old South Korean girl they adopted as a baby, after claiming she didn't "fit in" with their lifestyle: Anger as Dutch couple give up Korean girl, 7, they adopted as baby over 'failure to fit in'. The diplomat and his wife, who had taken in the child after failing to conceive, left her with social workers in Hong Kong after having two biological children of their own. They claimed the girl, who was adopted when she was four months and has lived in Hong Kong since she was three, was struggling to adapt to their culture. What, so you just discard her like a troublesome puppy? She has trouble fitting in, and that's reason to give up your little Korean kid? Yes, your kid. The girl you were supposed to protect and take responsibility for when you adopted her. It's called being a freakin' parent.

Hong Kong's Korean community is trying to find a home for the child who is currently in foster care after being givine up last year. But it's complicated. The girl, who speaks English and Cantonese but not Korean, is neither a Dutch citizen nor a Hong Kong resident, so her future in the territory is uncertain. In South Korea, parents can't return adopted children, but no such law exists in Hong Kong. So basically, unnamed Dutch diplomat, you've completely screwed up this girl's life. That's just selfish. He, of course, claims the decision has been a "terrible trauma" on his family, and says his wife is having therapy. Dude, what about the years of therapy this girl is going to have to go through because of what you've done?

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