halloween costumes mock virginia tech massacre

I've been seeing this one all over the blogs these past few days, and it's just... disgusting. Two Penn State students have generated quite a bit controversy after photos of them at a Halloween party costumed as victims of the Virginia Tech shooting massacre surfaced on Facebook: Campus outrage as Penn State students dress as Virginia Tech massacre victims

The students were photographed partying in Virginia Tech paraphernalia marked with bullet holes and fake blood. Sickening. The photos came to the attention of a local station in Roanoke, Virginia, which broadcast a report last week. And of course, reaction at Virginia Tech—and Penn State—was instantaneous, drawing the outraged attention of both campuses. In defense of the costume, the student pretty much says something to the effect of "Get over it."

Now, everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves and post it on the internet. It's a basic human right. But this simply lacks basic common decency. Seung Hui Cho kills 32 people in the worst school shooting in American history... so you can make a goddamn Halloween costume out of it? The inensitivity is astounding. And the student's idiotic defense of the costumes—ridiculous. The guy is seriously asking for an asskicking, by someone, anyone, everyone.

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